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Future Developments

Once the data is being held on a central server. We can now easily use this data in many different ways. Below are some examples of planned future developments, with the aim of ultimately having a Internet Server based Avalon bookings application:

· SMS Text message reminder generated, "x" number of days prior to booking start date.
· An automated deposit payment reminder schedule for those sites that take an initial deposit then 50% of the balance within 14 days of the booking start date. (Again possibly linking into a SMS text message.)
· A staff availability system linked to the booking. This will hold details of key staff or volunteers, which they will be able to maintain themselves on line. The system will identify from the Avalon booking the type of staff needed to cover this booking, it will allocate appropriate staff to this event based upon experience and availability and then e-mail the staff member the relevant details.
· Allowing a member of the public to enter a "reservation" into the diary when they start the booking process so that the next person who does an availability search will see a request has been made for that date, although they can still make a booking request.



As a web hosted application the there will be a monthly charge to cover the web hosting and applications costs. Once the Avalon Diary extractor has been installed on your local PC and the parameters set there the further management of your web diary is all done via the web server.
The costs shown are for unlimited users per month. We do reserve the right to review and amend these charges on a regular basis. All charges are exclusive of VAT charged at the standard rate applicable at the time of invoicing.

· £75.00 one off set-up and configuration fee.
· £30.00 monthly charge for the full current system as outlined above.
· £18.00 monthly charge for the Enhanced Customer search and administration function only, including the advertising function.
· Future developments will be in the region of £5.00 to £10.00 additional monthly charge depending of the additional module.

Payments can be made on a monthly Direct Debit or six monthly in advance by cheque of BACS transfer