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The Cashbook Clerk for Accounts Run on a Receipts and Payments Basis

The Cashbook Clerk has been developed as an easy-to use package to help Councils who manage their accounts on a cashbook basis to comply with the Audit Commission Reporting requirements.

The system is particularly helpful for those who have a non-accounts background who may be finding that the work in complying with the Audit Commission requirements to be lengthy and time consuming.

The Clerk system is combined with DO$H to provide a complete cashbook and reporting system. The DO$H Cashbook is designed to provide everything a small business needs to keep a set of books, quickly and accurately. The program is ideal for those new to bookkeeping or to using a computer.

Entering details of payments and receipts into the Cashbook will automatically produce the following:

- A cashbook listing of receipt and payment details.
- A summary of receipts and payments analysed by category, with opening and closing balances for any chosen period of months.
- Opening and closing balances as totals with a split between cash and bank balances
- A VAT account (quarterly, monthly or annually)
- A bank reconciliation
- Summary of Features for the Cashbook Clerk System:

Provides the information required for the Annual Return, with supporting cashbook statement and bank reconciliation and a full audit trail
- Do the basic cashbook receipts and payments accounting for the council in an easy-to-use way, with an unlimited number of bank accounts
- Entries made once only
- Mistakes corrected easily
- Simple Income and Expenditure Accounting throughout the year – no complicated adjustments at year end
- Invoices-to-pay lists, bank reconciliation and many other useful reports
- Looks after VAT including claims on Form 126
- Provides throughout the year a simple budget report which monitors progress against annual budget
- A set-up service and on-site training available as an option
All this achieved through simply entering all transactions once.

The Cashbook Clerk Package includes:
- DOSH Cashbook Accounts Package
- User Guide
- Introductory Guide for those who have no accounting experience
- 12 months Email based support service.
- A copy of the Cashbook Clerk