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In joint development with Avalon Bookings Software we are pleased to announce the release of the New Avalon WebDiary.

The Avalon WebDiary is a hosted solution for making the data from Avalon Bookings Software viewable on the Internet. The data can be kept up to date by scheduling regular uploads with the Avalon Extractor Utility.

The New Avon WebDiary currently has the following features and can be accessed via the internet, Tablet or Smartphone devices:

• · Ability for public and staff to search for free resources.
• · Staff can view who has what resources booked and drill down into the booking detail via a specific login.
• · Invoice balances can be checked.
• · Display graphs and charts of resource usage and revenue income for both Committee and Financial logins.
• · Ability to add additional notes to bookings for viewing via the web diary.
• · Customisation of booking table colours, fonts and display text
• Ability to link the resource order and ig it is shown or not to different logins.
• · Ability to offset monthly fee by marketing advertising space to local businesses etc.

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